Boss KATANA Amp Series

You already know the word ‘Katana’ as the razor-sharp sword wielded by Japan's ancient Samurai warriors. But perhaps you're wondering why the Katana amplifier line from BOSS carries the same name. The fact is, in Japanese culture, Katana is a symbol of honor, precision and artistry—all core values in the design and execution of the Katana amplification series. Looking back, the history of the guitar amplifier is a story of true artistry. Right from the roots of electric guitar in the '50s, classic tube designs have been the benchmark for superior tone. Warm, powerful, responsive—these are all terms that discerning guitarists use to describe the satisfying experience of plugging into their favorite tube amps. BOSS has a long history and global reputation for iconic compact pedal designs. But now, players are discovering that BOSS carries that expertise into amplification design, too. With BOSS's ever-evolving Tube Logic design philosophy—which reproduces all the organic interactions between every component of classic tube amplifiers—the brand keeps chasing the great tone and feel that players demand for stage and studio. BOSS already turned the amp scene on its head with the high-gain WAZA Amplifier by Tube Logic, its name meaning ‘art’ and ‘technique’. Always forging ahead, the Japanese firm then handed down that amp's spirit, like an artist hands down inspiration to the next generation. The Katana amplifier came out to the world in 2016, taking inspiration and DNA from the WAZA amp and Tube Logic, but quickly forging its own reputation. Katana amps embody BOSS's determined pursuit of the ultimate rock sound. Each model proudly carries the symbol that stands for honor, precision and artistry—and lets every player open the door to an ultra-responsive musical experience.