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0207 282250
Maanantai-Perjantai: 10-18      Lauantai: 10-15



Fender Custom Shop Strat 59 Fire Mist Gold

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Finish Package: Heavy Relic
Plating: Chrome
Right Hand/Left Hand: Right Hand
Case: Strat Brn Tlx Gld Lng G&G
Std Catalog W/Color Chg Only: No

Body Spread: Gtr & Bass Alder
Choose Single Or Multi Color: Single Color
Choose Color: Fire Mist Gold
1, 2 Or 3pc Spread?: 2 Pc
Sort For Light Weight: Yes Sort
Body Finish: Nitro Lacquer

Brdg Asm Standard Or Custom: Standard Bridge Assembly
Bridge Assembly: Strat Vint Rel
Output Assemblies: Vint Strat Relic
Control Assembly: None
Neck Plate Gtr: R Ser Vint Rel
Back Plate & Trem Cover Gtr: Strat Parch Rel
Rear Control: Cover None
Strap Locks: No Strap Locks
Tremolo Arm: Vint Strat Rel
Tremolo Arm: Tip White Rel
Tuner Key: Vint W/Fender Logo Rel
String Sets For Guitar: 010-013-017-026-036-046

Standard Or Custom Neck: Custom Neck
Like Standard Neck Assembly: 60 Strat Cc/Rel
Neck Finish: Nitro Lacquer
Neck Blank Guitar: Maple Plain Grain
Fingerboard: Rosewood Indian 6mm
Sort For Dark R/W Fingerboard: Yes Sort
Truss Rods: 60'S
Head Style: Small
Neck Head Thickness: 0.575"
Neck Scoop: 60
Dot Spacing: Wide
Face Dot: Micarta White .250
Side Dot: Micarta White 3/32"
Fret Wire: Use Sanko 6105
Number Of Frets: 21
Fingerboard Radius: 9.50" Radius
Back Shape: 1969 "U"
Neck Nut Width: 1.650"
Neck Thickness At 1st Fret: .850"
Neck Thickness At 12th Fret: .910"
Neck Butt Width: 2.200"
Nut: Bone (Gtr & J-Bass)
Number Of Bolts: 4 Bolt
Bind Head Cap: No
Bind Fingerboard: No
Decals Headcap For Gtr: 56 - 60 Strat
Neck Text: (30 Char) Sort For Dark Rosewood
Neck Text: Remove Finish From Rear Of
Neck Text: Neck

Standard Or Custom: Custom
Like Standard Pga: 60 Strat Rh Nkl Rel
Pickup Neck Position: 60 Strat Rel
Pickup Mid Position: 60 Strat Rel
Pickup Bridge Position: 60 Strat Rel
Pickguard: 60 Strat Nitro G/B/G Rel
Active Electronics Options: .
Pickguard Shape: 60 Strat
Pickup Selector Switch: Switch 5-Way Lever Crl
Selector Switch: Tip Coffee White Rel
Knob Tone: Coffee White Rel
Knob Volume: Coffee White Rel
Pots: 250k 10% Tapersp
Option Text: Add Modern Wiring

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