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Yamaha P115WH


Complete with a full array of functions and piano quality. A compact digital piano with a modern stylish design.

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P-115 packs a great piano with powerfulfeatures into an unbelievably slim andcompact design. Naturally, the sound andresponse is everything that you wouldexpect from a Yamaha instrument but that’sonly part of the story. There are many other exciting features including 14 rhythms and10 pianist styles which are perfect for playingdifferent genres of music. With duo, split anddual keyboard modes plus 2 track recording,the P-115 offers inspiring ways to getmore from your piano playing. It is extremelyportable but will also look great in the homeespecially when paired with the optionalmatching stand and pedal unit.

P-115 Highlights

  • Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboardwith 88 keys and matte-fi nish black keys
  • 14 voices
  • 14 rhythms and 10 pianist styles
  • 192-note polyphony
  • Pure CF Sound Engine
  • Damper resonance
  • Dual and split function
  • Duo mode
  • 2 track recording (1 song)
  • Sound Boost
  • USB TO HOST connection

Included Accessories

  • Music Rest
  • Pedal
  • Power Supply

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  • The KB95 is a basic, yet nice looking and protective bag designed for small Stage pianos. It goes very well with Yamaha P-35, P-45, P-95, P-105, P-115, KORG SP-170, Roland FP-50, KAWAI ES-100, Casio PX-160 and Privia SP-5X.
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  • The ATH-T200 features a large double headband for a comfortable fit around the head. The over-the-ear earpads are soft and prevents the sound from leaking. The 40mm driver unit produces high quality sound for users to enjoy the listening experience. Supplied with a 3.5mm gold-plating stereo mini-plug and a standard 6.5mm adaptor.
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