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Hammond XK5

XK5 is the first instrument to feature Hammond's exclusive Hybrid Multiple Key Contact System for the ultimate Tonewheel organ performance.

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The XK-5 features our very best Leslie® speaker simulator to date with adjustable Slow & Fast Speeds, Rise & Fall Times, Horn/Drum/Subwoofer Volume Balance and custom microphone settings.

Main Features

  • New mechanical keybed design with "waterfall" style keys
  • 61 Playable Keys (5 octaves) plus 12 Preset Keys
  • Optional Lower Manual XLK-5 Available
  • Optional Pedalboards 13, 20 & 25 Note Available
  • MTW™ (Modeled Tone Wheels) 61 Note Polyphony + 5 Note Bass Poly
  • 4 choices of Drawbar voices for Manuals (A-100, B-3, C-3, Mellow)
  • 100 User, 100 Factory Patches Assignable to Preset Keys as Favorites