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Imperium 1U NG SW

1U New Generation Standard model - Stormtrooper White

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Imperium is a digital controlled passive stereo monitor console. The circuit is fully balanced from input to output. Since all audio processing is done 100% passively without any kind of transistors, op-amps, capacitors or converters, it gives you a full uncolored performance without noise floor or headroom limitation! Exactly what you need in a professional mixing and mastering environment.


  • Analog, passive design - Fully balanced from input to output
  • Digitally controlled - All settings are fully programmable
  • New ultra resolution - Unprecedented level resolution in a stepped attenuation environment. Twice the resolution of the previous Imperium
  • Superior stereo tracking - Rock solid stereo image at all levels
  • 8 configurable levels - You always listen to the exact same configurable levels
  • TouchOSC - Access all features using TouchOSC on Mac/IOS/PC/Android using our Imperium layouts