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Xils Lab StiX

Virtuaalinen analogi-ja monisynteesirumpukone

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StiX offers an incredible variety of drums sounds of different eras. From vintage analog drum machines early digital ones to modern percussive sounds perfect for Dance, R&B Hip Hop. Combined with the most powerful expressive XoX Sequencer ever, StiX is the most expressive, flexible fresh sounding drum machine on the market today. MORE FEATURES: From unique to exceptional

  • Midi Output:   Control your virtual instruments and hardware drum machines Live, or record the midi data to your DAW and edit it. Drag'n'Drop Midi Pattern to DAW
  • Midi Learn: Full automation of all synthesis parameters of all drumpads, mixer, effect etc.
  • Drums of the Past: 15 Wave Alchemy drum Machines (Roland TR-XoX, EMU, Drumtracks, LinnDrum)
  • Creative Boosters: AI Assisted automatic Drumkit creation. Randomize sequencer lines, full patterns
  • Swing: Sophisticated swing engine. Per Step & Sequence line Swing (with MicroPosition Feature)
  • Multi Output version and Choke function: With volume, groups and pan preservation
  • Effects: Natural Reverb, Analog Delay & Phaser, per drum crusher & distortion. Compressor on Stereo Bus.
  • Sample Accurate synchro and audio engines: The tightest beats for your tracks
  • Ultra Flexible: Envelope segment modulations, hundreds of modulation targets…Simultaneously!
  • Fast Workflow: Gang Mode to edit Sequencer Lanes, mixer levels, effects sends