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Relab LX480 RHall

Lexicon 480L Random reverb -plugari

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Faithfull recreation of the Random Hall reverb algorithms from the Lexicon 480L*.

Modeled input and output stages –Everything is modeled from internal clipping to quirks in the feedback loops.

Additional exclusive features and functions not found on the original:

  • Continuous controls
  • Flexible and additional filter structures for better sound shaping
  • More ER delay lines
  • Stereo manipulation
  • 88.2Khz and 96Khz support

Improved algorithms with higher density than found on any other reverb plugin (and the original).

Quick controls and customizable display.

Dual Engine:

You can select between 4 routing configurations with different algorithms in each engine for extremely wide reverberation:

  • 88.2Khz and 96Khz support
  • Single
  • Cascade
  • Mono Split
  • Stereo Split