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Dangerous Music 2 Bus+

16-Channel Analog Summer

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  • XLR and D-Sub connectors
  • 2 parallel stereo outputs: Main Monitor
  • Switchable sum insert: send return as XLR
  • Rastered volume control
  • Three different analog colouring options: "Harmonics", "Paralimit" and "X-Former"
  • Easy to assign and add colouring options via elegant user interface
  • The 'Harmonics' processor generates harmonic distortions, which can be mixed with the original using the "STIMULATE" control
  • 'Paralimit' is an FET limiter (fixed), the controller of which is called "BLEND" for parallel mixing
  • Both processors can be applied to the stereo mix or to either the stereo input pair 13/14 or 15/16
  • 'X-Former' inserts two custom cinemag transducers in the stereo mix
  • The "SATURATE" control can be used to determine the degree of saturation
  • All three processors can work simultaneously
  • The order of distortion and limiter in the signal flow can be exchanged
  • Cascadable and compatible with 2-Bus LT
  • Exclusively audiophilic components in the signal path
  • Endless headroom
  • Crystal-clear sound and stereo image with outstanding 3-dimensionality
  • Frequency range: from 10 Hz to 50 kHz linear (<0.1dB)
  • Input resistance: 25K ohms balanced
  • Output resistance: 50 ohm balanced
  • Format: 19 "/ 2U

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