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WIDIFLEX is a set of two 5-pin MIDI Din plugs that add wireless BLE MIDI to almost any standard MIDI device.

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Plugged into the device’s MIDI sockets, auto-pairing takes care of instant setup and connects WIDIFLEX automatically with other BLE MIDI or WIDI products. The larger plug includes all the wireless functionality and connects to the MIDI out, the smaller one to the MIDI In. As WIDIFLEX is powered from the device’s MIDI bus, it does not require any external power supply.

To connect two standard MIDI instruments, one WIDIFLEX set each is simply plugged into the instruments’ MIDI ports. It is also possible to establish a direct Bluetooth connection with MacOS and iOS devices - for Windows the best choice is using a WIDIFLEX USB to provide BLE MIDI functionality.


WIDIFLEX and WIDIFLEX USB both use Bluetooth 5, ensuring a secure connection for live and stage with twice the speed, four times the range (up to 20 metres / 65 feet) and half the latency of earlier Bluetooth versions. The minimum latency between two WIDI devices is as little as 3 ms, so even supported MacOS devices do benefit from using a WIDIFLEX USB.



- Bluetooth 5: Secure connection for live & stage with 2x the speed and 4x the range of earlier Bluetooth versions.

- SCA Technology: Unique Smart Connectivity Algorithms for optimized WIDI performance

- Ultra-low 3 ms latency: ground breaking latency reduction

- Automatic Pairing: Instant setup

- WIDI Groups: Up to 5 devices

- MIDI Clock and SysEx: Transmission of all MIDI messages over Bluetooth including MPE

- Free iOS/Android WIDI App: Use the CME “WIDI App” to manage your settings and groups easily  

- No external power: Supports 5V and 3.3V via MIDI Out Din