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Reason Studios Reason 12 Download

Reason on tehokas kokoelma virtuaalisia instrumentteja, efektejä ja tuotantotyökaluja, joiden avulla musiikilliset ideasi heräävät henkiin

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  • Powerful virtual instrument rack plugin and music production software
  • Runs in any DAW as a VST, AU, and AAX Plugin
  • 18 premium instruments
  • 29 audio effects
  • 12 MIDI effects and utilities
  • Sound Bank with tens of thousands of device presets, loops and samples
  • Expandable Rack of instrument and effects with 3rd party Rack Extension devices
  • Easy to get started, yet as deep as you want to go. Reason quickly gets the sound you need but lets you go deep in building your own multi-instrument and effect dream creations
  • With Reason’s custom cabling on the back of the Rack and its advanced Combinator device you are free to explore, tweak, and sound like you.