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The Loota percussion kit is a unique, versatile cajon-style kit which is durable, quick and easy to set up and has a sound quality that is unrivalled by anything else on the market.

Ideal for stay at home drummers and world touring pro drummers alike. The Loota provides an uncompromised level of comfort and ease of use making it a joy to play. It can also be cleverly folded into a single bag and transported as easily as a guitar, making it a hassle-free companion on the road.

The internationally loved Loota percussion instruments are handmade using only birch wood sustainably sourced in Finland. Due to the unforgiving weather conditions and dense forests of Finland, Baltic birch is recognized globally for its superior quality, strength and visual appeal, making it an ideal component to be used in the making of professional, top end musical instruments.

With its ergonomically friendly design, plug in capabilities and versatility, the Loota can be set up to your own personal needs, making it a wonderful addition to any drummer’s ensemble.

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