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Warm Audio Centavo

Warm Audio Centavo on tarkka kopio yhdestä kaikkien aikoijen halutuimmasta overdrive-pedaalista

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The Warm Audio Centavo is an accurate recreation of the most sought-after overdrive pedal of the 90’s and beyond. For clean or dirty amps, Centavo delivers all of the adored tones of the vintage box. Combining the infamous “MOD” switch on the back with a custom-cast golden enclosure, Centavo delivers an authentically legendary pedal experience. 

Tech Specs

  • Faithful Recreation Of The Original Klon Centaur Circuit
  • Premium Components Including TL072 Op Amps, vintage-style diodes, Carbon + Metal Film Resistors, and Charge-Pump Voltage Regulator 
  • Buffered Bypass Operation
  • Gain, Treble, and Output Controls
  • MOD Switch on Rear For Extended Low-End Response
  • Custom-Cast Golden Enclosure With Accurately Tapered Oxblood Knobs
  • 1/4" Input (Inst) And Output (Amp) Jacks
  • Powered By 9v Battery Or Standard 9v Dc Pedal Adapter
  • Power Consumption: 40mA
  • Length: 5”
  • Width: 6.75”
  • Height: 2.25&rdquo
  • Weight: 2 Lbs