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Melbourne Instruments Nina

Nina on polyfoninen analogisyna, jossa on moottoroidut säätöpotikat ja kahdentoista äänen polyfonia

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Keskusvarastossa. Toimitusaika n.5-7 arkipäivää

NINA is a 12-voice Analog Polyphonic and Multi-timbral Synthesizer featuring revolutionary motorized controls and patch recall that finally enables real-time control surface display and automation that synth players have dreamt of for decades.
NINA combines the lush thick sound qualities and hands-on tactility of classic analog synths with the versatility, advanced functionality and MIDI compatibility usually only found on modern digital equipment. The result is an intelligent, yet unique sounding analog synth you can seamlessly integrate into your creative workflow and live performance to enjoy modern soft synth functionality from a real, physical instrument.


  • Motorized, recallable, automatable, assignable, and robust high resolution control panel.
  • 2 Analog VCOs & 1 Wavetable Oscillator per voice.
  • Fully analog signal path.
  • 12-voice polyphony.
  • Extensive quick-edit modulation matrix.
  • A/B Patch morphing.
  • Classic onboard effects including chorus and delay, as well as high quality algorithmic reverb with shimmer.


- 3 Oscillators per voice. 2 Analog VCOs, 1 Digital Wavetable.
- Oscillator 1 & 2 waveforms morphable between triangle, sawtooth and blend with the pulse wave.
- Suboctave mode for VCO 1 square wave.
- Hard Sync Oscillator 2 from VCO 1.
- Fine & Course tune control with up to 8 octave range.
- 96kHz 24bit wavetable oscillator resolution.
- User loadable wavetables.
- Selectable Fuzz & Noise sources - Pink, White, Oscillator 1 & 2 XOR (Fuzz) or external input.
- LFO with selectable shapes, modulatable rate & level controls.
- Classic 4 pole transistor ladder VCF.
- Modulatable resonance, available as a matrix destination.
- Extremely overdrivable, or perfectly smooth low noise modes.
- Traditional ADSR envelope with ultra-fast slopes possible.
- Melbourne Instruments designed four-quadrant VCA.
- Stereo: 2 VCAs per voice.
- Infinite panning.
Modulation Matrix
- Extensive modulation matrix. 16 sources to 27 destinations.
No bus count limitation.
- Morphable modulation settings.
- Quick to edit MOD mode. Select a source and dial in amounts instantly on control panel.
- All MOD amounts are through zero (bipolar)

Unison Polyphony
- Play up to 12 voices in unison or polyphonically.
- Mono triggered and Legato modes.
- Selectable polyphonic panning schemes with spin effect.
Patch Morphing
- Morph between patches to create unique, evolving timbres.
- Morph entire patches including both modulation matrices.
ADSR Envelope Generators
- 2 x ADSR envelopes available as mod sources.
- Modulate Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release, and Level using velocity or any other mod source.
Multi-timbral layers
- Up to 4 layers for 4 timbres controllable via MIDI ch. and note ranges.
- User selectable number of assigned voices per layer.
- Assignable keyboard splits.
Onboard computer and powerful OS
- Hackable open source software built on a powerful Raspberry Pi 4 computer running Elk Audio OS.
- Upgradeable VST3 effects algorithms.
- Parallel or Series mix modes. Parallel mode retains analog sound.
- 96kHz 24bit resolution.
Audio Out
- 4 assignable line level outputs.
- Stereo main outputs with effects.
- Aux outputs (3 & 4).
- Headphone output.
Audio In
- 3 TRS Balanced Line or CV Inputs.
- 1 TRS/XLR Combo. Mic for line/CV input.
- CV +/-10V max. Analog gain and offset trim.
Weight & Dimensions
- Weight: 5.5kg (12lb).
- Dimensions: 446mm x 230mm x 71mm (17.6” x 9.1” x 2.8”).
- 19” rack mount ears included.