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Dave Smith Prophet REV2 8V Module

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet REV2-8V moduuliversiona

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The Prophet Rev2 desktop module is just as powerful and easy to use as its counterpart, the Prophet Rev2 keyboard. The module has the same controls with the same the same ease of use as the keyboard version. Best of all, it sounds just as awesome, because it’s exactly the same on the inside — Dave Smith’s reimagining of his now-classic Prophet ’08 poly synth. The Prophet Rev2 retains all of the key features of the Prophet ’08 and expands on them. It has twice the polyphony, twice the mod matrix, waveshape modulation on all waveforms, digital effects per layer in stacked or split voice mode, a polyphonic step sequencer per layer, and more. The result is a true analog powerhouse. You can download any of the many existing libraries of Prophet ’08 sounds and they will not only sound identical, but can be enhanced with the new features.

  • OSCILLATORS: 2 digitally controlled analog oscillators (DCOs) per voice (plus sub octave on oscillator 1) with selectable sawtooth, triangle, saw/triangle mix, and pulse waves (with pulse-width modulation), Glide (portamento): separate rates per oscillator, White noise generator, Analog VCAs and Hard sync
  • FILTERS: 1 analog Curtis low-pass filter per voice, selectable 2- and 4-pole operation (self-resonating in 4-pole mode)
  • ENVELOPES: 3 envelope generators: filter, VCA, and assignable (four-stage ADSR + delay); Envelope 3 can loop
  • SEQUENCER:Polyphonic step sequencer with up to 64 steps (6 notes per step), and ties and rests. Separate 16 x 4 gated step sequencer. Each layer can have a separate sequence
  • LFOS: 4 LFO’s with key sync per LFO
  • MODULATION: 8-slot modulation matrix, 22 sources, 53 destinations, 5 additional dedicated sources: mod wheel, pressure, velocity, breath controller, footswitch
  • ARPEGGIATOR: Programmable arpeggiator with up, down, up+down, random, assign modes, Selectable note value: 16th note, 8th note triplet, 8th note, dotted 8th note, quarter note, One, two, or three octave range, Re-latching arpeggiation and Note repeat
  • CONTROLS: 55 knobs and 35 buttons enable deep and comprehensive editing with little to no menu diving
  • MEMORY: 512 Factory Programs (4 banks of 128) and 512 fully editable User Programs with 2 layers (2 separate sounds) in each Program
  • IN/OUT: MIDI In, Out, Thru, Main stereo audio output: 1/4″ unbalanced, Output B stereo audio output: 1/4″ unbalanced, Sustain pedal input: accepts normally on or normally off momentary footswitch. Pedal/CV input: responds to expression pedals or control voltages ranging from 0 to 5 VDC (protected against higher or negative voltages), Headphone output: 1/4″ stereo phone jack
  • PHYSICAL SPECS: Weight: 7.5 lbs. (3.4 kg)