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Soma Rumlbe Of Ancient Times

RoAT on 8-bittinen syntetisaattori/sekvensseri, joka on saanut inspiraationsa PC:n varhaisen aikakauden ohjelmoinnista, jolloin koko videopeli mahtui yhdelle levykkeelle

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RoAT is capable of a wide variety of sounds ranging from dense noise scapes to diverse glitching rhythmic patterns. The compact and portable instrument contains many elements that can be combined into surprising musical results.

The “heart” of the synthesizer contains 4 sound oscillators, each with a tunable waveform and an individual LFO, which can modulate the tone or volume of the oscillator. The modulated signal of each oscillator is mixed with other signals using 1,536 variations of complex summing algorithms that contain FM, ring modulation, bitwise logical operations and more.

  • The synth contains an 8-bit resonant lowpass filter with a distinct Lo-Fi character
  • The built-in sequencer can be synced to an external device and also send clock out
  • RoAT is battery powered and can work up to 130 hours on one set of AAA batteries