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UDO Audio Super 6 Desktop White

UDO Audio Super 6 on 12-äänen polyfonialla varustettu pöytämallinen, binauraalinen analogi-hybridi syntetisaattori

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Super 6 Desktop is a 12-voice, binaural analogue/hybrid synthesiser in a compact desk housing. Optionally, the unit can be fitted with rack brackets where it requires a height of 7U when installed. A second alternative mounting option is to attach the unit to a VESA mount for computer monitors, for which the appropriate holes are provided on the bottom.

Compared to the keyboard version, there are a few additional functions, such as drift control, independent control for the high-pass filter and the pan spread function, as well as extended envelopes and polyphonic aftertouch. With a future update, it will be possible to connect to the Super 6 Keyboard via polychain for extended polyphony and the MPE standard will be supported.

  • Super 6 desktop
  • 12-Voice polyphonic synthesiser with FPGA digital hardware and voltage-controlled analog technology
  • Full-featured Super 6 in a more compact and portable form
  • Arpeggiator/sequencer MIDI-syncable & sequencer with programmable note, rest, slide, accent and length tracks
  • Additional features such as drift control, independent control of analog Highpass filter, pan spread control and advanced envelopes and polyphonic aftertouch
  • Polychain option with the full-sized Super 6