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United Studio Technologies UT-Twin87

Twin-Circuit Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

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Keskusvarastossa. Toimitusaika n.3-6 arkipäivää

The UT Twin87 captures the essence of both the original classic and modern incarnations of the “87-style” microphone design. For the first time ever, United has created a microphone that duplicates both circuits, and can reconfigure itself on the fly for an exceptional reproduction of the sonic capabilities of both microphones. The UT Twin87 features our own large-core, custom-wound, US-made output transformer, our own custom made 24k gold sputtered dual diaphragm/dual backplate K87 style capsule, and a whole assortment of selected, premium components such as polystyrene, tantalum, multilayer ceramic, WIMA film capacitors, metal and carbon film resistors, and hand-selected transistors. 

Vintage, or modern? The UT Twin87 finally ends the debate with a new answer — both.