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iCon D4-T

Näyttö P1-M:lle, OLED, näkymä kanavakohtaisesta signaalista, stereo-panorasointiasemasta, raitojen nimistä, plugineista ja EQ-parametreista

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Elevate your control surface experience with the optional D4-T OLED Display for P1-M. Streamline the mix monitoring process, even when your attention isn’t fixed on the computer screen.

  • Experience a vivid and clear view of channel metering, stereo pan positioning, and track names through the OLED display
  • While adjusting plugins using your controller, the D4-T grant you access to visual data on your plugin and EQ parameters
  • The D4-T boasts a spacious LCD display that showcases SMPTE time code or beat clock (bars.beats.ticks)
  • Unveil channel color on the display (dependent on your DAW transmitting this data via the Mackie Control Protocol)
  • The portability of your controller is elevated with the practical magnetic mount for seamless mobility


Tech Specs:

Weight: 0.212KG (0.47lbs)
Dimensions:  297(L) X 71(W) X 17.74(H)