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Virtual Instrument NADA - Meditation Sounds

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NADA is a fascinating collection of sounds for Meditation, New Age, and Relaxation Music. In NADA you will find inspiring instruments such as Strings, Winds, Percussions, Pianos, Eternal Sounding Bowls, Glasses and Bells. NADA also offers mesmerizing overtone Singing Voices and an alluring and charming Female Solo Voice as well as deep, peaceful, and warm Meditations Pads.

  • Contains a richly detailed collection of sounds for meditation, new age and relaxation music
  • Features instruments such as strings, winds, percussions, pianos, singing bowls, glasses and bells as well as overtone vocals
  • A female solo voice and deep, harmonic and relaxing meditation pads
  • A total of over 500 sounds with more than 10000 samples