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EW Ministry of Rock 1

MINISTRY OF ROCK on valtava 20 gigatavun kokoelma rock-rumpuja, bassoja ja kitaroita. Täydellinen työkalupakki rock-tuottajille

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Special Features

  • Legato Bass and Guitar Samples
  • Legato and Staccato Repetitions
  • Truly playable rhythm guitars and leads, clean and distorted
  • Release samples
  • Guitars and basses recorded in dual amp configurations and software allows user to choose amp, or mix the sound from both amps
  • Dynamic bass that can play everything from ballads to the most hardcore music imaginable
  • Round robin bass drums, snares, toms and hats. performance drum hits extracted from live playing
  • The world famous EASTWEST STUDIO 2 rock drum sound featured on countless gold and platinum records
  • Drumkits also optimized for use with Roland VDrums.
  • Drums utilize PLAY's easy replacement feature.


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