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EastWest Quantum Leap Voices Of The Empire

EastWest / Quantum Leap esittelee Voices Of The Empiren, aivan uuden vokaalituotteen, joka sopii erinomaisesti eeppisten elokuvien, TV:n tai pelien ääniraitoihin, EDM:ään tai muuhun musiikkiin, joka vaatii soololaulua tai lauluharmonioita sointujen avulla.

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Featuring the raw, primal vocals of Uyanga Bold, VOICES OF THE EMPIRE will make the perfect companion product to the newly-released blockbuster HOLLYWOOD CHOIRS.

Features of VOICES OF THE EMPIRE include:

  • Dozens of Mongolian, Bulgarian and Western-style, multi-sampled vocal instruments
  • Dozens of expressive phrases in every key
  • 2 unique Mongolian legato vocal instruments
  • Traditional legato vocal instrument
  • Expressive vowel multi-sampled vocal instruments

VOICES OF THE EMPIRE requires PLAY 6 (including a new instrument search database and other new features), which is compatible with all PLAY products, and is included free with your purchase

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