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SSL Blitzer

The SSL Blitzer plug-in is an analogue hardware-inspired character compressor

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It's capable of everything from soft, saturating compression to explosive brick-wall limiting. In addition to adjustable transient shaping and vintage-style harmonic drive for adding colour to your tracks, Blitzer offers 10 unique compression curves across 10 ratios, each with a unique shape and tone.


A comprehensive list of features & benefits, ordered by importance.

  • Classic analogue knee compressor inspired by hardware such as the 1176 and LA-2A
  • Versatile character compressor delivers everything from soft saturating compression to explosive brick-wall limiting
  • 10 unique compression curves, each with a unique shape and tone
  • Add colour to your instruments using the DRIVE control; add gentle warmth or decimate your signal
  • Use the 1:1 ratio to warm your tracks with soft-saturation and gentle harmonics without compressing
  • AUTO GAIN maintains your levels based on the threshold and ratio
  • Use the MIX control to dial in parallel compression and punch
  • ATTACK and RELEASE controls let you tailor the compressor response to your source material
  • Dial in some of the dynamics of the original signal using the TRANSIENTS attack modification control
  • Slam room mics or energize your entire mix using the “all in” BLITZ! Mode
  • Use the HPF to remove unwanted low-end frequencies; perfect for drum busses
  • Tame unruly vocals and harshness using the detection sidechain bell filter
  • Built-in help – simply click the ‘?’ and mouseover the GUI to find out more
  • Cross-platform preset management
  • A/B for quickly switching between presets
  • Undo/redo