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SSL X-Gate

SSL X-Gate is a comprehensive and highly visual gating plug-in, inspired by the workflow from SSL's digital broadcast consoles. Featuring a rolling waveform graph, mid/side processing options & tweakable hysteresis using independent open & closed thresholds, X-Gate builds upon SSL’s rich heritage in digital console gate design.

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X-Gate delivers a range of unique control features for sound sculpting – use the interactive sidechain filter interface and mid/side balance options to focus the gate on unwanted sounds and process the signal as naturally as you’d like. In addition to visual feedback including the hardware-inspired traffic light system for immediate visual confirmation of the gate’s current status, the rolling waveform visualisation graph provides an intuitive display of the incoming signal against which to set your open and close thresholds. 

The EXP and DUCK modes immediately drops the plug-in into two additional modes, visualised by the I/O graph: fixed expander mode for transparent gating, and duck mode for attenuating a signal only when it exceeds a threshold – combine this with your DAW’s sidechain for intelligent ducking.

Key Features

  • Gating made easy - The left-to-right design displays I/O metering, thresholds and the gate response all at once for the most visual gating tool ever
  • DUCK mode - Duck background audio by triggering the duck from an external sidechain. Combine with mid/side processing to focus the stereo field of surrounding audio during dialogue or vocal solos
  • Mid/side gating - Add punch and retain dynamics using the gate mid/side control. Remove stereo room bleed while leaving the center signal intact – great for drums!
  • Intelligent lookahead - Several discrete lookahead modes allow you to improve gate response with the minimal amount of introduced latency – perfect for live tracking situations 
  • Ballistics - Use the attack, hold and release in the ballistics section - inspired by the controls on SSL hardware dynamic modules – to design the perfect gate response