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Synchro Arts Revoice Pro

Revoice Pro on helppo -ja nopeakäyttöisen käyttöliittymänsä ansiosta musiikkituottajien suosikkityökalu. Se on itsenäinen plug-in työkalu, jolla lauluraitojesi vireenkorjaus, aika-arvojen muokkaaminen tai lauluraitasi ”siivoaminen” on todella vaivatonta.

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Whether you need to tighten timing or pitch on a huge vocal stack, manually tune a lead or create authentic double tracks, Revoice Pro has you covered. Also, while Revoice Pro is perfect for working with vocals, it's great for instruments like guitars and brass too.

  • Unique APT or Audio Performance Transfer technology which enables the timing, pitch, vibrato and level features of one audio source to be applied to other tracks in seconds
  • Powerful and intuitive pitch editing in Warp mode
  • Instantly create natural-sounding mono and stereo double tracks with the Doubler
  • Our most advanced third generation alignment technology
  • Protected Regions so you can ignore areas which should not be modified
  • Unlimited signal length
  • Transient Protection to avoid modifying signals at the transient
  • Fully adjustable time and pitch 'tightness' so you can choose how 'wet' or 'dry' the processing is
  • Separate Quick APT and Doubler plugins (currently Pro Tools only)
  • Full ARA2 (Audio Random Access) support for an even faster and easier workflow with compatible DAWs