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u-he Uhbik

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A collection of nine sophisticated studio effects. Sleek, intuitive and powerful. Each effect comes as a separate plug-in, so you only load what you need when you need it. Create crazy effects chains or add a delicate final touch to your projects. Uhbik supports common surround formats. From subtle to spectacular, Uhbik is ready.

Plug-ins included:

  • Uhbik-A: Ambience & Reverb
  • Uhbik-D: Delay
  • Uhbik-F: Flanger
  • Uhbik-G: Granular Pitch Shifter
  • Uhbik-P: Phaser
  • Uhbik-Q: Equaliser
  • Runciter: Filter
  • Uhbik-S: Frequency Shifter
  • Uhbik-T: Tremolo


  • Nine independent studio effects for creative sound processing
  • All plug-ins are surround sound-capable up to eight channels
  • Tempo control with built-in modulation via simple LFO or tape flutter
  • LFO can be synchronised
  • Scalable user interface