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Eventide Omnipressor® 2830Au 50th Anniversary Edition

Omnipressor Hardware 50th Anniversary reissue

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Originally invented by Eventide’s founder, Richard Factor, the Omnipresssor made a host of dynamic effects possible: Compression, Limiting, Gating, Infinite Compression, and Dynamic Reversal. It also introduced the notion of the ‘side chain.”                



  • Dynamics Processing — capable of creating otherworldly sounds
  • Dynamic Reversal — the first of its kind, soft signals come out loud and loud signals come out quiet, simulating tape reversal, a near unique attribute of this versatile compressor
  • Function Control — sets a ratio over a continuous range allowing extreme expansion, to infinite compression, and is even able to push further into dynamic reversal
  • Variable Control of attack and release time
  • Variable Control of maximum gain and maximum attenuation
  • a
  • Gating — amplitudes of signals that fall below a set threshold are ‘squooshed’
  • Expansion — widen a signal’s dynamic range, louder gets louder, softer gets softer
  • Compression offers variable control of compression ratio
  • Infinite Compression — if you want everything to come out at the same level, this is the feature for you
  • Limiting — a fast, versatile limiter, useful for maintaining a loud sound
  • Intuitive Interface — clean and easy to operate