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Rupert Neve Designs 5034 Newton Channel

Newton Channel on tehokas ja moderni kanavalohko. Newton sopii käytettäväksi niin studiossa, kuin live-äänentoistossakin

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The Newton Channel is a powerful modern channel strip born from a legendary sonic lineage. Its intuitive design provides classic sound on demand, with all the instantly-recognizable character, musical tone-shaping abilities, and proven reliability that define a Rupert Neve Designs product. The Newton is equally well-suited for a project studio, large-scale commercial facility or live sound rig – giving more engineers, producers, and artists a chance to join the RND family than ever before.



Product type: Modern channel strip
Channels: Single
EQ Type: Parametric
Mic gain: 12-position rotary switch that controls the microphone preamp gain in 6dB steps
Phantom: 48V
Metering: 8-segment LED meters
Ground lift: Yes
-6dB out: Balanced XLR output utilizing a lower level
Main out: Balanced XLR
Link: 1/4” TRS
Input: Balanced XLR-1/4” TRS combo