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TK Audio M/S Station

M/S Station on uusi masterointi- ja main bus-työkalu, jossa on neljä erillistä toimintoa jaettuna kahteen osioon. Mukaanlukien edistynyt cue-toiminto

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Keskusvarastossa. Toimitusaika n.5-7 arkipäivää

The M/S Station is a new mastering and main bus tool with four separate functions divided into two sections including an advanced cue function.
Section 1 is a parallel insert with M/S function allowing the user to use separate blend controls for the mid and side signals. For maximum precision the blend control(s) has 16 positions from dry to wet.
Section 2 consists of three parts, an elliptical EQ with 16 frequencies, a width control from 0-200% and an advanced cue function.
The two sections are normally linked internally but can be used separately with their own balanced inputs and outputs by removing four jumpers inside the unit (see unlink section 1 and 2). This way you can use them at different locations in your setup.

  • Parallel insert with M/S function – separate Mid and Side blends.
  • Elliptical EQ (low end mono-maker).
  • Width control from mono to extra wide.
  • Advanced cue function.