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Walrus Audio SLÄRP

Combo Reverb / Delay Pedal (SLÖ + ARP-87)

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Your favorite multi-texture reverb (SLÖ) and your favorite multi-function delay (ARP-87) are now available together as one - in strictly limited quantities!
Layer lush, ambient soundscapes in digital, analog, lo-fi and slap back repeats to craft a sound that is truly your own!

At a glance - what you need to know
•    Walrus's ARP-87 (Delay) and SLÖ (Reverb) combined in one box
•    Strictly limited to 100 pcs. in Europe
•    Same controls and features as stand-alone models
•    Use ARP & SLÖ in series or separately
•    Individual I/Os for ARP and SLÖ pedal-section

•    Slö features 3 distinct reverb programs — 'Dark' (with low octave), 'Rise' (ambient swell) and 'Dream' (latching pad)
•    ARP-87 features 4 delay modes — 'Analog', 'Digital', 'Lo-fi' and 'Slapback' 
•    Sustain switch for reverb + tap-tempo for delay
•    Versatile inputs/outputs allow for flexible routing possibilities
•    Limited edition pedal artwork