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Fire-Eye Dee-Eye Instrument Preamp

Dee-Eye instrumenttietuvahvistin

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The Dee-Eye Instrument Preamp offers a simple solution for connecting instruments with high-impedance piezoelectric pickups to a venue’s sound system. Any passive or active instrument pickup is supported. Designed and improved over the course of several years to meet the needs of performing musicians, Fire-Eye products are crafted from the highest quality components available. Engineered by an electronics engineer with over 50 years of professional experience, the Red-Eye design focuses on high fidelity, low noise and simple plug and play performance. This no frills precision approach to amplification offers a truly satisfying experience for musicians and their audience.


  • Input: high-impedance, 1 million ohms, maximum 5 volts peak-to-peak level
  • Low-impedance, balanced, XLR output, 600 ohms, will drive long cables to a mix-board
  • Requires XLR Phantom Power
  • Power OK Light is on when preamp is properly powered from the mixboard
  • ¼ inch output and input for accessory loop, suitable for stomp-tuners or effects boxes or for output to on-stage guitar amps or PAs
  • Internal filtering to reject radio-frequency interference from neon lights and cell phones
  • Small Size: 32 x 38 x 95 mm. Weight: 170g