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Heritage Audio i73 Pro 2

2 x 4 USB-C-äänikortti, jossa on kaksi 73-tyylistä Class A-etuastetta, sisäinen DSP ja MIDI

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USB-C interface with a built-in pure Class A transformer coupled 73 style preamps is finally a reality, making the Full Analog Experience of the Golden Era of recording available to everyone, everywhere and anywhere.

  • 2-In / 4-Out USB-C Audio Interface.
  • 2× Class A 73 style preamp with up to 70dB of gain for true studio-quality recordings. Microphone/line input, on combo XLR jack and a dedicated JFET DI input for Hi-Z instruments.
  • Analog stereo monitor output over TRS independently controlled by Heritage Audio's MIXER.
  • Independent stereo headphone output with dedicated cue.
  • Recording, mixing and playback at up to 24-bit/192kHz.
  • +48V PHANTOM power, PAD and PHASE.
  • MONO, MUTE and DIM.
  • Classic attractive European console design.
  • Compatible with MacOS and Windows 10 and 11. Same hardware works for both PC and Mac.
  • Direct monitoring with Heritage Audio's MIXER, processed in real-time with unnoticeable latency.
  • Full Analog Experience powered by DSP for real-time tracking processing with undetectable latency.
  • Including a growing collection of Heritage Audio effects modeled after Heritage Audio's own outboard and Heritage Audio's private gear collection.
  • Able to record both WET and DRY streams from the MIXER to your DAW at the same time.
  • Class-leading AD/DA conversion .
  • USB-C connection to computer (cable included).
  • Mini-DIN MIDI IN/OUT connector


Included plug-ins:

  • Britstrip - Channelstrip
  • HA15 - Bass Amp
  • Small Recording Amp
  • HA1200 - Tape Saturation
  • Heritage TapeOplex - Delay
  • HA240 - GoldFoil Reverb