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EastWest Quantum Leap RA

EastWest Quantum Leap RA tarjoaa monia harvinaisia ja ainutlaatuisia instrumentteja Afrikasta, Euroopasta, Intiasta, Amerikasta ja Australiasta, Kaukoidästä, Lähi-idästä ja Turkin imperiumeista. Kaikista kokoelmassa esitellyistä soittimista ja kokoonpanoista otettiin laaja valikoima sampleja keinona säilyttää kunkin instrumentin todellinen luonne ja ilmaisu

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Musicians will find that RA has an amazing sound quality and they'll marvel at the articulation of each instrument which has a wide range that goes from controlled to expressive. All of the instruments and ensembles featured in the collection were sampled extensively as a means of preserving the true character and expression of each instrument. For the first time, users will have more control over the sounds offered in the collection along with the ability to load even more instruments than ever before.

  • 64-bit (for 32-bit compatibility, please use PLAY 4)
  • Intelligent performance section including portamento, repetition, legato
  • Features round robin reset
  • Offers improved articulation window and controls
  • State-of-the-art convolution reverb with pre-delay
  • Improved micro-tuning
  • Improved sound quality with high-resolution audio engine
  • Hi-fidelity one pole filter for natural cross-fades
  • Stereo image editing is now possible using channel sourcing
  • The instruments featured in the PLAY Editions are newly-programmed for PLAY from the original recordings


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