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Moog MF-101S

MF-101S Lowpass Filter Plug-In

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A vintage classic turned modern powerhouse

Experience the power and versatility of the MF-101S Lowpass Filter, a brilliant re-invention of the iconic Moog MF-101 analog effects pedal. This cutting-edge plugin meticulously recreates the hardware's warm, vibrant sound and organic parameter interactions, delivering a truly musical playing experience for the modern digital creator.

Unparalleled functionality for endless creativity

The MF-101S Lowpass Filter boasts an array of unique features not seen in the original hardware, including mono or stereo envelope following, adjustable stereo response, and CV inputs for enhanced modulation control and virtual patching. With these powerful additions, you can effortlessly shape the dynamics of your input, whether it's a guitar, voice, synthesizer, or any other audio source.

Discover the sounds of the MF-101S Lowpass Filter effect

From clean filtering to wildly experimental modulation, the Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins are designed to manipulate, enhance, and transform any sound. Each effect boasts its own distinct identity, working seamlessly together in your audio chain to deliver unparalleled creative possibilities. Embrace the future of sound processing with the MoogerFooger Software MF-101S Low Pass Filter, where classic analog warmth meets modern digital innovation.


  • Immaculate plug-in recreation of the famed ladder filter
  • 2/4-pole low-pass ladder filter design
  • Cutoff range from 12kHz to 20Hz
  • Envelope follower for dynamic control
  • Enhance your tone with onboard Drive
  • Blend in your dry tone with Mix control
  • Captures the signature warmth and musicality of the hardware original
  • CV connectivity to digitally patch in multiple plug-ins simultaneously
  • Stereo functionality lets you process individual tracks or busses and groups
  • Includes a variety of presets to explore the sonic capabilities
  • Add low-end punch and thump with onboard resonance control


  • Operating system:
    • Mac: macOS 10.13 or newer
    • Windows: Windows 10 or newer
  • Processor:
    • Mac: Intel or Apple Silicon (64-bit)
    • Windows: Intel (64-bit)
  • Format:
    • Mac: VST3, AudioUnits, and Pro Tools AAX
    • Windows: VST3 and Pro Tools AAX